POS Machine

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Cash@POS is a facility using which debit card holders can withdraw cash by swiping their debit/prepaid cards (issued in India) at SBI POS Terminals at merchant locations.

Debit Cards of all Banks/Issuers ready to support Cash@POS transactions can be swiped for availing the facility. Currently Debit Cards of all major Banks including Axis Bank, HDFC Bank etc. in India alongwith State Bank Group Debit cards will be accepted on our POS Terminals for Cash@POS.

POS systems are designed to minimize the time you spend entering data on your customers and their purchases.


The facility is activated at identified merchants and also at the request of the merchant to disburse cash up to a maximum of Rs. 1000/card/day. Merchants have been provided with “State Bank Cash Point: Chhota ATM” display poster.


POS terminals are used in our branches and Customer Service Points (CSP). All the POS terminals are Desktop GPRS type.

Our CSPs and branches are operating in rural areas. Our branch officials moreover visit their operative villages on daily basis in connection with micro-credit. Considering the above, POS Terminals operating on Portable GPRS system will be more suitable for them. The POS Terminals will be used in rural areas and serve the rural people  per terminal plus taxes as a special case.