Our Publication

            Manuals,GuideBooks :-
  1. Single General Register for SHG for record keeping in Odia. (English Register available on request)
  2. Bucket of successes (GapaHelebiSata-Odia)- Case stories
  3. BikashPathe ( SHG Manual) in Odia
  4. Pictorial SHG manual for illiterate members of SHG (in Odia)- TOT
  5. Federation manual (in Odia)
  6. Pictorial Training Manual for Trainers (in Odia).A copy of the said training Manual was submitted to State Project Director TRIPTI & Director, SIRD vide our letter SMCS/3311 dated 1.10.10.
  7. SHG Member Pass Book
  8. SHG Loan Pass Book
  9. Shaktipath- Half-yearly publication for SHG/SHG Members



  1. i.   Why SHG (in Odia)
  2. ii.  Savings is Progress (Odia)


Manuals/ Training kits/booklets prepared for different organizations:

  1. a. For NABARD:

i)   SHG Book Keeping Register (Odia)

ii)  Adhibeshan Bibarini Part I and II (Odia)

iii)  Arthika Bibarani Part II (Odia)

iv)  Financial Literacy

  1. For Indian School of Management for Women (ISMW), Ahmadabad “ Financial Literacy Training Materials”
a.       Various studies conducted by SMCS

1. Feasibility study of potential NTFPs : An alternative means of income generation in Koraput and Sundargarh district of Odisha sponsored by Panchayat Raj Dept. Govt. of Odisha


2. Assessment of SHG Federation in Urban slum pockets sponsored by PLAN International through CYSD, Bhubaneswar


3. Assessment of potential micro-enterprises of SHGs in Koraput and Sundargarh districts sponsored by NOVIB, Netherland through CYSD, Bhubaneswar


4. A study on strategic business plan for MFI in Koraput and Sundargarh districts sponsored by NOVIB, Netherland through CYSD


5. Evaluation of the status of Artisan SHGs under the sponsorship of UNDP in Kendrapara and Puri districts


6.Assessment of SHGs promoted by Watershed Mission/WORLP on request from Watershed Mission, Govt. of Odisha, Bhubaneswar at Nuapada & Bolangir.