About SMCS…

      With the increase in population and consequent addition to labor force, the supply of labor continues to outstrip demand resulting in accentuation of the problems of unemployment & underemployment. The development efforts of the State have remained largely trapped in the vicious circle of poverty. Women constitute an important segment of the labor force in the State’s economy. Despite various measures undertaken for protection of women’s rights, status of women continues to remain low.

       The livelihood pattern of rural people in Orissa hovers around the activities like agriculture, small trades, rural artisan works, dairy and other allied activities labouring for earning wages. Most of the people are carrying out more than one activity for livelihood, many activities are seasonal and they do not have adequate skills, face severe problems of markets access, access to various resources, skills and information. Rural credit institutions have not been able to address these problems adequately especially in the poverty context in Orissa.